Halloween: a concern with specialty contact lenses

With Halloween quickly approaching, our eye doctors in Chesapeake want to alert you about a concern with specialty contact lenses. They MUST fit properly to avoid damage to your eyes.

If Halloween is your favorite holiday and you go all in, we would be glad to show you our specialty lenses and make sure they are the right size and shape for you. Even when contact lenses do not have prescription power in them, they still must fit your eyes so no damage is caused.

Please note that you must be up to date on your Annual Eye Exam in order for us to “refit” your Halloween lenses.

Cost is $150 for specialty contact lenses (with or without Rx power), and approximately $60 for the refit.

Don’t turn a fun holiday into a long-term eye injury. It is extremely important to be properly fitted for specially lenses, and our eye doctors would be glad to do that for our patients.

If you have any questions about Halloween specialty lenses, please contact us at (757) 966-2206.


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