Inevitably, we all have had something in the eye that was not supposed to be there…a bug, a piece of dirt, or even a piece of metal. While it is important to wear eye protection when doing potentially dangerous work, there will still be times that something will make its way into the eye.

The first thing our optometrists recommend is to flush the eye(s) thoroughly with water or saline. Many times, this is all it takes to remove the object. If, however, this does not seem to fix the problem, please call our eye care clinic right away! We serve Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake.

Inflammation or Infections

Other than just being uncomfortable, a lingering foreign body in the eye can cause significant inflammation. According to our optometrists, if a piece of a leaf, grass, or stick is there, it can cause a serious fungal infection. These type of infections can lead to significant scarring and even permanent loss of vision. If a piece of metal is there, it immediately starts to rust which can lead to scarring, or even perforation of the eye. Your optometrist needs to address this condition immediately – time is of the essence!

Emergency Room or Urgent Care Visits

The instinct of many people is that they need to go to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care when something like this happens. Unfortunately, most of the time, these places do not have the expertise or the equipment to deal with foreign bodies. Most ER doctors will have you see your optometrist the next day for follow-up anyway. Eliminate the extra visit…wouldn’t you rather be a day closer to being healed by visiting our eye care clinic first?

Call Our Eye Care Clinic

Please call our eye care clinic if you are not sure what to do. Our optometrists have the proper skill and equipment and can take care of you quickly. ** If there is any chance that the debris is metallic, it is imperative to have it removed promptly to avoid perforation or loss of the eye!