Download Instructions as a PDF file here.

Instant Access to Your Patient Records
Our practice is online. Access your records or message our office anytime, day or night.

Log into Your Account

We’ll send an email to the address you provided during your last visit. Your username, password, and the web address to the patient portal will be included.

You will be asked to enter your date of birth when you log in. This step will increase the protection and security of your medical records.

Change your password the first time you log in to ensure your information is protected.

Click My Account to view and edit your account information.

View and Send Messages

Secure Messaging.
Click to view important messages from your doctor.

Message Subject. Open the message.

Respond to your doctor’s message.

Move the message from your inbox to an archive folder.


Create Message. Click to send your doctor a question or information about your medical history. Messages to your doctor are encrypted for security and protection of your health records.

View Your Medical Record

Patient Medical Information.
Click and select All Documents to view your medical record.

Health Summary Document. View a summary of your medical history that includes data up to the date and time indicated.

Care/Referral Summaries. View a summary of your medical records that were sent to another doctor.

Download XML.
Save your record in an XML format that can be uploaded to your personal health record (e.g., Microsoft HealthVault, Dossia).

Send to Your Doctor via Direct. Send your medical record to another doctor using a highly secure direct email technology.

Download Patient Portal Instructions as a PDF file here.