A: Insurance plans are usually complicated and benefit levels vary greatly. Our staff is highly skilled at navigating these plans to determine your specific coverage. It is important to know that most “vision” plans only cover very basic routine care and entry level frames and lenses. It is best to think of these as “helper” plans which allow you to save a significant amount of money on the latest styles and technologies. It is also important to know that medical eye care supercedes “routine” care. When our staff asks for your insurance information, they will need to know your major medical insurance information in addition to your routine coverage information. This is the best way for them to most accurately determine your coverage.

A: Usually from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on what is done. Paperwork can take 10-15 minutes as well. Time in the office can be lessened by downloading forms and completing them before your appointment.

A:  Oh contrare!  We have first hand experience with the products and cost at a major retailer. Not only do many retailers charge more than we do, the quality of the goods you purchase is not always reflective of the cost.  Still, other retailers advertise very inexpensive products.  In these cases, remember, you typically get what you pay for.  One of the major reasons we have decided to have our own optical dispensary is so that we can control the quality of the products we offer.  We can provide you with the best combination of materials and lens designs according to your needs.  It’s a long way from the “one-size-fits-all” approach of many retail establishments.  We are able to provide a superior product at a more reasonable cost, often more quickly.  Just remember, if you comparison shop, you must compare apples to apples. For example, compare Varilux brand to Varilux brand, not Varilux to generic brand.

A:  Nothing worth having in life is truly free.  Once you have taken the time to browse this website and have come in to see us, the answer to your question will be evident.  We take pride in the quality of the services we provide and feel that you will see the value in the services you receive.  We can assure you that the eye examination you receive in our practice will be one of the most thorough, if not THE most thorough, eye examination you have ever had.

A:  Having your pupils dilated can cause sensitivity to bright light and  temporary blurry vision.  This blur usually affects your near vision more than your distance vision.  Those who are concerned or uncomfortable may wish to bring a driver.  We offer an alternative to pupillary dilation – the Optomap Retinal Imaging system.  This technology allows us to screen the internal ocular health without using eye drops to dilate the pupils.  For a nominal fee, this digital image can be used and saved to monitor eye health over time.

A:  Although quality takes time, most glasses are manufactured and ready in 7-10 business days.  Some higher or more specialized prescriptions may take longer. Also, some vision care plans require that your glasses be made at their own lab. This may take longer as well.  Either way, we will work hard to get your eyewear as quickly as possible!

A:  We offer the full line of Costa del Mar (which can be made in prescription, too!), as well RayBan, Liberty Sport/Switch, Victoria Secret PINK, and Kenneth Cole Reaction.

A: We can happily manage your LASIK eye surgery through our office.  Our relationships with local surgeons make your care through this process seamless.  As a matter of fact, you will only have to visit the surgery center 2 – 3 times. We can take care of the rest right here!

A: Don’t waste precious time at the ER! We have the expertise and the equipment to more specifically address your eye care needs…including eye infections, corneal abrasions, ocular debris removal, and chemical exposure.  In fact, most urgent care or family physicians will actually refer you to follow up with your eye doctor in many of these cases, so why not just start here?

A: Of course! We stand behind all of the products that we carry.  We offer a one year warranty on frames and lenses for any defect that may occur during normal wear and tear. Improper use, loss, and storage in extreme temperatures are not covered under this warranty.  Certain frames and lenses come with extra manufacturer’s guarantees as well. We will be sure to include these when applicable.

A:  The American Optometric Association recommends annual comprehensive eye examinations and so do we! Just as is the case with most medical conditions, early detection is key.  Although we don’t necessarily expect your prescription to drastically change in the course of one year, we don’t want to take your good vision for granted.  Many eye and health conditions can have ocular signs that don’t always present with symptoms. We want to be sure we help keep your vision in good working order for your entire lifetime!

A: In most cases, we can manage your condition right here in our office.  Some cases, however, will require the expertise and facilities of a surgeon. We have formed strong relationships with several area surgical and tertiary care centers here in Hampton Roads.  This allows us to work as a team to get you all the care you need.

A: This is the job of our highly experienced optical staff. Along with the doctor’s recommendations, they will guide you through the process of selecting the right frame and right lens which will best satisfy your wants, needs, and budget.

A: We now offer Care Credit.  This option allows you to pay for your purchase over a period of time while you enjoy the benefits of your eye wear right away! Just ask one of our staff members for the specific information in regards to this program.

A: The American Optometric Association recommends eye examinations by an eye care professional at age 6 mos, 3 years, and again before starting kindergarten (typically age 5).  Many parents are concerned because they don’t realize how much information the doctor can gather even before the child knows their ABCs!  Eye examinations for kids are a little different than the traditional exam most adults experience.  But there are many aspects of the eyes and visual system that can be evaluated in even the youngest child!  Also, just because your child can see the 20/20 row in the school nurse’s office or at the pediatrician’s, doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t need a comprehensive eye exam.  There is so much more to the visual system and eye development!