Cost vs Quality: All lenses are not created equally

Our eye doctors get a lot of great questions regarding eyewear. But the one we hear often is “Why does it cost more to purchase glasses or contact lenses at your office than it does online or at a big-box store like Costco?”

That’s a simple one to answer, and an important one. All lenses are NOT created equally. There are distinct differences in the eyewear you get from us and what you get online or at a mass retailer.

For instance, when it comes to contact lenses, we consider design, breathability, and performance when prescribing specific lenses for our patients in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk. Not all places accurately fill the prescription. They sometimes substitute with a similar lens. This may sound harmless, but it truly makes a big difference. Similar contact lenses will not always fit properly or perform as well. A poor fitting lens can cause damage to the eye, sometimes permanently.

The same goes for eye glasses. Frames and lenses come in a wide variety of designs with different degrees of durability and performance. This is one case where the patient/consumer “gets what they pay for”. Discount optical companies often offer what sounds like amazing prices on their products. The reason they can offer such a low price to the consumer is because they use cheaper materials. There are older technologies that work “ok”, but our eye care clinic recommends premium, better-performing lenses so that our patients see their very best for every occasion. Does anyone really want to skimp on their sight?

So the question we pose back to our patients is: Do you want minimal vision or optimal vision? It’s our belief that most people want to see as clearly and comfortably as possible.

We encourage you not to sacrifice your vision and eye health for cost. We realize that most of us do have a budget. We purposely offer products that we deem good, better, and best. We will always take the time to educate our patients on what is available to them, make recommendations based on their individual needs and preferences, and offer options to fit any budget.

Our eye doctors are able to offer many deals available only to independent practices that keep our prices competitive. Stop in and see for yourself what we have to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

If you have any questions about your lenses, please contact us at (757) 966-2206.


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