The backbone of our practice…Our Staff! This team of experienced and personable individuals is here solely to make your experience at Gontarek Eye Care a pleasantly memorable one.

Our technicians are trained to administer ancillary tests which provide vital information for the doctor’s decision making process. The state of the art equipment utilized in this practice requires much expertise from our technicians in order to operate efficiently and accurately. We are most proud of the high level of professionalism and technical expertise exhibited by our optometric technicians…and you will be too!

Our front desk staff works diligently to make your lives easier by organizing mounds of information and scheduling appropriately to make the most of your time with us.

They are responsible for helping you to understand our practice policies, helping to coordinate your care, and to offer assistance in navigating your insurance benefits.

If for any reason, they are not able to answer your question immediately, they will find an answer as soon as humanly possible!

Our optical staff has over 25 years of combined experience! They pride themselves in assisting each and every patient in looking, feeling, and seeing their best. Understanding the individual patient’s needs is absolutely necessary in making the best recommendations for the patient.

Whatever your needs may be, our opticians will find a custom solution just for you!