Our practice dares to be different. In today’s fast paced society, we strive to hold on to good old fashioned honesty and customer service. We realize that people have a multitude of options when it comes to vision care. Most everyone wants it now and wants it without complication. Our goal is to be the place that people come for eye care because they know that they are receiving top quality care in a family oriented environment. We want to be your neighborhood eye doctors.  Click here to read what our patients think about our approach.

Remember the days when you visited the eye doctor when you first had trouble seeing the chalkboard at school? Your mom or dad took you to the optometrist, you had your eyes checked, and you picked out your new glasses. Do you remember your reaction to seeing so clearly when you first donned your new specs? We get to experience that on a regular basis and nothing is more satisfying than helping our patients to see better. What is so wonderful for us is that there is so much more to helping maintain good eye health and good vision. Gontarek Eye Care is committed to educating our patients in all aspects of eye health and to helping our patients achieve the best vision possible.

Our doctors provide routine vision care, fit contact lenses, treat eye infections, manage glaucoma, and co-manage surgical patients.

They are comfortable working with patients of all ages. You can rest assured that your questions will be answered, your diagnosis and treatment options will be thoroughly explained, and regular follow up exams will be scheduled.

You will also have the opportunity to meet with our skilled opticians to discover what eye wear and lens designs we have to offer. All of this will occur in a comfortable, low-key setting. You will never feel pressured! Our whole staff welcomes questions and will work hard to make sure you understand the answers.

When you visit our practice, it will be evident that we look and feel like no other you have seen. We have invested ourselves in the practice and in the well being of our patients. We want to create an atmosphere that feels like home. We are here for you and your family!

We hope you come in to see us.