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A comprehensive eye exam is just as important as an annual physical

By Gontarek Eye Care – 2/1/2020

This year really is an optometrist’s dream, to help patients see their very best in the year 2020.

Along with the American Optometric Association, Gontarek Eye Care wants to make this the year of the Eye Exam. It is the perfect time for us to educate our patients (and potential patients!) of an annual, comprehensive eye examination.

There are many obvious and hidden consequences to poor or less than optimal eye sight. Each month throughout our favorite year — 2020 – we will provide you with eye care information that we hope you will heed, find valuable, and share with loved ones and friends.

A comprehensive eye exam is just as important as an annual physical

We all know the importance of an annual physical to ensure our health. But what about your eyes? Do you have an annual comprehensive eye exam?

Our eye doctors in Chesapeake think a comprehensive eye exam is just as important to your health as an annual physical, and here’s why. Through a comprehensive eye exam, our eye doctors can identify early signs of more than 270 different diseases – such as diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, and some kinds of cancer – before they produce symptoms.

A lot of people think they only need a comprehensive eye exam if they wear glasses or contacts. However, many eye and vision issues show no obvious signs or symptoms. Everything seems fine, but that simply may not be true, and it will eventually rear its ugly head.

Preventative maintenance is better and cheaper than dealing with a full blown eye and health problem.

Scheduling a 2020 comprehensive eye exam with Gontarek Eye Care is the simplest step you can take to preserve your eye health. If your eyes are perfect, that’s great! If not, an early diagnosis and treatment plan can help ensure that your eyes remain healthy.

As our eye doctors have discussed before, please do not confuse a comprehensive eye exam with a vision screening, like the one they do in schools. Such a simple vision screening cannot assess your overall eye and vision health.

A comprehensive eye exam goes much deeper. Our eye doctors in Chesapeake will review your health history, including your overall health, eye or vision symptoms, medications, and potential work-related or environmental issues that may affect your vision. The exam also will include any past issues that you and your family may have or have had with vision and health conditions.

Several tests are then conducted based on your specific situation and what our eye doctors feel is needed. All of your test results will be evaluated to determine if you have any visual or eye health problems. If you do, we will discuss these problems and recommend treatment options, including the need for additional testing or consultation with other health care providers.

Give yourself peace of mind and show you care for your eyes and vision as part of your overall health routine by scheduling a 2020 Eye Exam for you and your family today!

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