The examination equipment at our eye care clinic is all brand new or nearly new.

Our eye doctors chose each piece specifically because of its specific qualities and capabilities. These instruments are the work horses of our eye practice and must be durable, accurate, and patient friendly.

Only well known, industry leading companies were considered…leading to our equipment from Marco, Humphrey/Zeiss, Optos, Topcon, and Haag-Streit. These instruments are used in every aspect of your eye examination.  While some of this equipment may be used by other eye doctor offices, there are several that are less common and more unique to our clinic.


Optos Panoramic 2000

This retinal imaging system allows us to digitally image the structures of the internal eye for our patients in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Norfolk. This is an excellent way for

the eye doctor to evaluate overall eye health and document it for future reference. Often, this can serve as an alternate for pupillary dilation which requires eye drops and causes

temporary blurred vision. The Optomap Retinal image does not require drops and has no side effects.

Humphrey/Zeiss Automated Visual Field Analyzer

This piece of equipment allows our eye doctors to test in our offices for a variety of neurological conditions that can be present with visual changes. It is most often used in the diagnosis and management

of glaucoma. It can also be used to help detect the presence of brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, or other medical conditions that affect the visual system.

We also use it to monitor patients who take certain systemic medications, prescribed by other doctors, that may affect the vision.


Our patients in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Norfolk benefit from the capabilities of this extraordinary piece of equipment. It is quick and easy to do and it gives our eye doctors very detailed information about the

health of the optic nerve.  It measures for subtle damage to the optic nerve which can occur in several different conditions, but most notably glaucoma. It allows our eye care clinic

the opportunity to detect damage early so that treatment can be initiated quickly and future vision loss can be prevented.